Finalista campeonatos del mundo, campeonatos nacionales de Ucrania y Eslovenia en Latín Ballroom, Máster de danza. Participante de Dancing with the Stars TV Shows como coreógrafa y pro-dancer en Turkey, Ukraine y Costa Rica. Organizer of the National and International competitions in Ukraine and Costa Rica. National and International judge of Dance Sport events with the experience of more than 15 years.

Horarios: Sábado 10-11 am

Grupo con rango de edad: 10 años y adelante 


Ballroom dancing every person can learn and enjoy at any age and with different physical abilities .If the students are ready to work on themselves, they can get to any goals they would like to reach. As a ballroom teacher I respect each of my students, believing in them, supporting them, always considering students wishes and ideas; absolutely love to see them reaching their small or big goals; see them being satisfied and happy with their progress.

Kateryna Strelnikova